Debrief – Continuing Conversations that Matter

A number of meaningful contributions were made at last month’s Continuing Conversations session. Watch for the next opportunity in early December.

Action Steps (Highlights)

  • What about the history of this university? How can we use the lessons of the past to inform the future of higher education? – Donna
  • Help students achieve the (AACU) Principles of Excellence – Jim
  • Revise trends in freshman profile (more wealthy, lower number of first generation students) and transform admissions criterion; processes with the goal of a more diverse freshman class. – Noel
  • Bring together faculty from UW-Madison, technical colleges, and community colleges with the goals of increasing student transfers, faculty exchange, graduate student teaching in non-research universities. – Noel
  • Moving towards positive, sustainable, co-authored generative change. – Jay
  • Infusing “WI Idea” Action – Research teaching into reward and recognition structures – connect to “essential learning outcomes” – Harry
  • Cultivating Cross-Walks among UW Silos and Mineshafts to enhance holistic student success in varied domains – especially ELO – personal & social responsibility and integrative learning. Interconnecting UW success ramps and safety nets to increase prospects for LIVING into the Wisconsin Experience. – Hazel
  • I would like to contribute to improved transition of undergraduates from high school to the university to help them identify their strengths and talents and how the UW can build on and direct those talents for the overall betterment. – Heidi
  • Using The Essential Learning Outcomes to assist in “proposing a meaningful identity.” – Raymond
  • Integrating a “new” interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary on campus for teaching and learning. - Alberto