BLE Kickoff Reception, featuring Lily Yeh

Panelists for the second Big Learning Event (BLE) will be revealed at a kickoff reception in Gordon Dining & Event Center, Thursday, Feb. 7, 4 to 6 p.m (registration required).  The speakers for the BLE, to be held June 5-6, were nominated by attendees of the first BLE (held in 2011) and the campus community. As with the 2011 speakers, these 2013 individuals are some of the brightest minds from disparate disciplines and are certain to provoke powerful conversations and make unexpected connections.

Lily Yeh, 2011 BLE alumna, will give a talk at the kickoff reception about her current work in different parts of the world and show a 20-minute clip from her film-in-progress, “Barefoot Artist.” The documentary explores her methods and motivations for using art to mend broken people and communities. Yeh believes experiences such as BLE helped her realize the importance of sharing how her personal story influences the art she produces.

In addition to revealing the names of the speakers and the talk and film clip from Yeh, attendees will be able to see examples of speakers in action, learn about pre-BLE study group opportunities, and re-connect with BLE colleagues. The kickoff reception event is free but pre-registration is requested. Refreshments will be served. Gordon Dining & Event Center is located at 770 W. Dayton St. The center is also the site of the 2013 BLE. To learn more about Yeh visit,

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