The BLE Idea

The idea for the BLE has been in the making for quite some time. The conversation around the water cooler started casually, with a small group tossing out provocative questions and issues affecting each of us personally and as a society. The ideas snowballed, and the next step became obvious. The organic brainstorming of the Big Learning Event represents what many of us are thinking – what is happening to the world around us?

Ideas and conversations addressing challenges are not unique to any one organization on the UW-Madison campus. At every level, within every department, we’re recognizing the old ways of doing things won’t serve us in the future. The human capital on campus is massive and we hope the BLE will serve as a community incubator for creative systems and solutions to emerge and unfold.

After benefiting from this learning environment, attendees can take best practices learned, new ideas discovered and forward ways of thinking back to their corners of campus. From grant writing to streamlining meeting productivity, attendees can approach big and small challenges with a renewed optimism and creativity.