About the Big Learning Event


Put on Your Thinking Cap. This is BIG.

Sometimes great ideas come from asking interesting questions and making connections with people who are completely different from you. Their life experiences, knowledge and wisdom, combined with your singular cache of experiences and talents, can spawn big ideas if all are willing and open to listening and participating.

The BLE will harness the collective ideas of speakers and spark cross-disciplinary conversations to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

It’s like a mosh pit of minds, but with good manners.

For our speakers: What issues are on your minds? Why? For the university community: How might these issues affect how we work and adapt to change? Throughout the event, our intellectual titans will offer and reflect on their expertise while attendees can react and respond and pose questions and solutions, becoming contributors, not spectators.

These big questions require some big thinkers and the following speakers will lead the way:

Saleem Ali • Lynda Barry • Molly Carnes

Jill Tarter • Etienne Wenger-Trayner

View the schedule to see what’s in store.